~An Hour With You~

Beautiful Carousel Horse

The town carousel was beautiful
It was white, trimmed with beautiful gold
Sitting in the center of the town square
The sun was shining on the lovely carousel
Making it sparkle, glitter and shine

The horses on the Carousel
Were brown, gray and black
They were pretty, but a little drab
Until the beautiful carousel began to turn

In the center of the drab carousel horses
Was the most magnificent carousel horse
The horse was a beautiful mare
With lovely roses sprinkled all around her

Everyone stopped and stared
At this magnificent, lovely mare
She had a beautiful golden saddle
With the look of a smile on her face

My mom took me up to the Carousel
She sat me upon the golden saddle
Of the glorious white and golden mare
With beautiful flowers surrounding her

The music began to play
While the carousel went around and around
Playing Beautiful Music
While I rode the Beautiful Carousel Horse
With lovely pink flowers all around

Donna J. Kramer
July 17, 2004






Music: Beautiful Music

Sequenced By: Jack Hall


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