~An Hour With You~


Beautiful Granddaughter

Was on a beautiful moon light night
A beautiful little angel
Came hurriedly into our lives
With dark hair and beautiful
Deep blue eyes

Eyes the magnificent color of the sky
That seemed to twinkle
As bright as the brightest star
In God' whole universe

A perfect little baby
Beautiful, bright and very happy
Growing into a lovely little girl
With a heart as big as the world

Showing everyone how much
She loved God and her family
With a gentleness that shown through
From the top of her beautiful head
Down to the bottom of her little toes

My Granddaughter is all grown up now
Still love shines out from her eyes
You can feel her love radiate out
For everyone that walks in her path

We thank God everyday
For the beautiful little baby
That grew into a sweet little girl
Than became our precious grown up
Beautiful Granddaughter

Donna J. Kramer
Sept. 1, 2004






Original Art Image by Valerie Tabor-Smith

Music: Music Of My Heart

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Permission Given



Page Assembled By: Donna