~ An Hour With You~

Be At Peace

It's good to be in the Presence of the Lord,
You need your life to be blessed,
Eternally He'll love you as His adored,
You'll be at peace with a rest.

Spending life without Jesus wouldn't be brave,
You'd have no peace nor be glad,
It's like the unrest in the world which is grave,
Very unpleasant and sad.

Without Jesus where'd be the light shining through,
He saved your soul from darkness,
Jesus gave His life for all, me and you too,
Love Him for He's your brightness.

Allow Him in your heart and exist and Yes,
Lay all your hope on Him now,
Sureness of everlasting life is Jesus,
One day you'll see Him and bow.

Oh God's peace passes knowing understanding,
It will guard your heart and mind,
Rejoice always in Jesus with thanksgiving,
The Lord's at hand, He you'll find.

©Sondra McPherson
February 14, 2003~2004



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Music: "Living Waters"

Elton Smith and Elizabeth Tolson
Used With Permission