~ An Hour With You ~

Back Where I Belong
Your absence was long,
My heart grew weary,
Nights were lonesome,
Days I lived in misery.

The letters never halted,
Our love crossed the miles,
But without your presence,
Sadness filled my eyes.

I yeaned for your touch,
Embraces I sorely missed,
I wish I did not have to remain,
Lonely, void of sweet bliss.

I hear a cherished voice calling,
The wind plays tricks on me,
Seeking to quicken my heart,
But you, it surely cannot be.

I race to open the doorway,
There I see your precious face,
You reach outward your arms,
Inviting a lover's embrace.

I feel your arms go 'round me,
Encircling like days past,
Oh Lord, don't let me be dreaming,
Let these familiar feelings last.

You've returned from foreign shores,
I no longer suffer being alone,
Sweetness of love surrounds me,
I am back where I belong!

Gayle Davisİ
January 2, 2004

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