~ An Hour With You~

Yon comes Autunm's Mistress,
Plucking the leaves in her wake,
She is leaving the trees bare,
In winter's winds to quake.

She reaches up into the boughs,
Selecting the most beautiful leaves,
Carefully placing upon her head,
Creating hair in natural sheaves.

The trees quiver as she approaches,
Knowing they will soon be nude,
Nothing to hide their imperfections,
Once Autumn's Mistress intrudes.

Branches hanging in shameful array,
Sway with the brisk blowing wind,
Dreading the first ice of the season,
Aged gnarled limbs bow and bend.

Autumn's Mistress has been busy,
Stripping the trees of all they wore,
Naked and bared to all mother nature,
Autumn's Mistress exits once more.

Gayle Davis
October 5th, 2004


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Music: "Autumn Leaves"
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