~ An Hour With You~



I glanced into the attic,
The door was slightly ajar,
There you sat upon the rug,
Looking like a movie star.

Paint brush in your hand,
Teddy bears strewn around,
You were painting a picture,
With old paint you had found.

Gently you daubed the paint,
Spreading it in a whirl,
You had found my old easel,
Used when I was a mere girl.

I stood rooted to the spot,
Yet traveling back in my mind,
I was the little girl sitting there,
In a different year and time.

'Twas the same teddy bears,
The wear and tear is shown,
I carefully packed them away,
When I thought I was grown.

Now I look and see you,
Dressed in ruffles and lace,
Daintily painting a teddy bear,
Putting eyes on its face.

I packed away my teddy bears,
Memories without measure,
Now as I watch you sitting there,
I see life's most valuable treasure.

Gayle Davis
September 16, 2004






Midi playing "Treasures To Behold" By: Bruce Deboer
is copyright by

Used with permission.
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