~An Hour With You~

Angel Watching At Night

Beautiful angel watching at night
Looking down upon the earth
Trying to protect all she loves
From the sadness and the plight

Trying to care for the homeless
Sleeping sadly alone on the streets
No one caring if they live or die
Finding nowhere to keep safe or dry

Small little children who have lost
The safety of their Moms and Dads
Not wanting to be separated
From their brothers and sisters

Elderly people that no one wants
Thrown away like garbage
As easy as throwing away yesterdays trash
Not being loved and cared for

All of these loving people, sitting at night
Lonely, sad and forlorn
Watching and waiting to maybe get a glimpse
Of the Angel watching at night

Donna J. Kramer
Aug 5, 2004




Music: I Believe

By: Norma Stephenson
Permission Given



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