~ An Hour With You~

Angel Rose Of Love

She's an angel rose of love to many,
Sending forth love's sweet scented rose,
While her gift of love's like a symphony,
And her angel music e'er glows.

Oh Yes, we love her and thank the Lord too,
She's the preciousness of a rose,
Beautiful pink scented colors that do,
Imbue so sweetly and it shows.

For she's loving kindness and hope for all,
And she never forgets any,
She encourages, nurtures, prays, enthralls,
You and me and Oh so many.

My heart believes she is an angel rose,
Sent by God to bring happiness,
While she does I tell you God's love so grows,
From her heart she sows blessedness.

Our sweet angel rose of love we bless you,
God knew how wonderful you are,
We treasure you and your beauty that's true,
Most, we hold dear your love that stars.

©Sondra McPherson
August 9, 2004

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Music: "Mysterious With Music Box"
By: Yuko Ohigashi  Premission Granted