~ An Hour With You~


Angel Of The Garden

Thereís a special angel,
Standing atop a mountain side,
Where she greets Godís children,
When from this world their souls slide.

She wraps them in her soft wings,
And holds them real tight,
To help them on their journey,
In their onward flight.

She is such a beautiful angel,
And filled with such gentle love,
That is why God lovingly picked her,
To show us the way Above.

She stands amongst a garden,
With flowers everywhere,
And picks the most august ones,
To show how much she cares.

The one she gave to me,
Was a rose of the deepest red,
Lovingly she explained,
Symbolic of blood Jesus shed.

ĎTis a special garden,
Grown by angels from on High,
Each blossom represents,
A new soul ready to fly.

Each is watered by the tears,
From our sweet Lordís weeping eyes,
When he cries for the lost that,
Know him not when their soul dies.

Yes they attend the garden,
With great love for us to see,
Jesus died so we could live,
If we will just let it be!

©Gayle Davis
April 8, 2002



Art Used With Permission


Music: "Angels Watching Over Me"

Used With Permission