~ An Hour With You~



Angel of Prayer

Praying in the spirit words flow,
Praying for completeness not just in part,
For the miraculous healing,
In a child of Godís failing heart.

Not knowing the person,
Just knowing a name,
You curse the devil,
In his death dealing game.

Words enter the Heavens,
Carried upon Angel wings,
Your prayers are superior,
Steeped in Godís love they sing.

Jesus looks down upon the inner fear,
Soothes His child, covering him in a shield,
Barring satan from having his way,
Healing power our God doth wield.

Precious prayers from an Angel,
Sent to the Heavens on high,
To the utmost echelons in Glory Land,
Words from Christís Child did fly.

Healing began the very same day,
Overcoming obstacles as yet unseen,
Jesus responded making whole.
Answering prayer as the words deem.

Angel of Glory swathed in Godís Love,
You are awash by the Spirit so pure,
Crying out from the depths of a yearning heart,
God answered your prayer with a quickened cure.

Precious little Angelic Saint,
Praying in solitude on hallowed ground,
God heard and He answered your plea,
Another jewel is added to your crown.

©Gayle Davis
August 19, 2003

Music: "I Praise You, My Father"

By: Elton Smith and Larry Holder
Permission Granted