~ An Hour With You~


God gives us sweet comfort,
To help us in times of need,
He sends His chosen angels,
To help us when we plead.

God is ever watchful,
We are His children loved,
Caring in times of trouble,
He sees us from above.

There is a special angel,
The blessed Angel of Hope,
God dispatches upon swift wings,
Our solace to help us cope.

Tears are dried from weeping eyes,
Heartaches lessen from their pain,
We suffer less intensity,
Jesus wipes away the stain.

He loves all of His children,
He gave His life for all,
He suffered our pain for us,
Loving Savior heeded His call.

I greet the Angel of Hope,
Welcome with open arms,
My beautiful Angel of Hope
Shields me from pending harm.

Gayle Davis
November 4, 2004


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Music: "The Angels Voice"

Original Composition By: Mel Webb
Used With Permission