~ An Hour With You~

And Is It Love

And is it love forever youíll hold,
Or the sadness Iíve seen around,
Is your heart thriving for only me,
Do you believe your loveís inbound?

And arriving by Godís loving touch,
Do you believe in His choices,
And know in your heart loveís such a gift,
For itís by Him as He voices?

And is it my love youíll always need,
Or do you have some other dreams,
And might not believe in one true love,
For I'll not be part of love's schemes?

And do you know my love is quite real,
Have you felt in your heart for me,
And will you know precisely when I,
Walk into your life that weíll be?

And is it love looking in my eyes,
Oh will you speak quite clearly too,
Will the words in your eyes speak volumes,
So declaring itís me and you?

For Iíll know that itís you when I see,
The special sweetness God has shown,
To me youíll be the light that shines through,
Will you know I'm your love, your own?

©Sondra McPherson
June 18, 2004

Music playing: "You And Me"

Used With Permission