~ An Hour With You~

And It's God Whispering

As I look across the ocean,
Watching the sun set in beauty,
I feel anguish sail in motion,
And it’s God whispering to me.

As the splashing waves swirl until,
Back and forth flow in rhythmic sweeps,
I feel woeful, sad words, ”‘Be still,”
And it’s God whispering He weeps.

As the glorious sun so bright,
Fades away beaming vividness,
I feel a happiness alight,
And it’s God whispering, “I bless.”

As I want to cry and say why,
Do I feel peaceful comfort rise,
Oh I pray and lift my hands high,
And it’s God whispering, "Be wise."

As I know now He saw my heart,
And the loneliness inside me,
He so watched me praying from start,
And it's God whispering, "You’ll see."

As I prayed because God was sad,
He reached out to me, I knew love,
Was blessed for me, Oh He was glad,
And it's God whispering "Thereof."

As I look across the ocean,
I feel peace and joy I behold,
The Lord's present and in motion,
And it's God whispering, "Foretold."

©Sondra McPherson
November 18, 2004


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Music: "Oceanfront"
Words and Music ©
By: Paul Gentry and Rhesa Siregar
Used With Permission