~ An Hour With You~


The Lord is my harbor,
In His love, I moor my soul,
I live to feel His presence,
Heaven is my ultimate goal.

Oh Lord, guide me safely,
Through the storms as they rage,
I cast my anchor to You Father,
My port as lifeís battles wage.

You are the Rock I lean upon,
You shield me from tribulations,
Wrapping me ever so gently,
Secure in Your blessed salvation.

I see the lighthouse in the darkness,
Your arms stretched forth to me,
I grasp the lifeline of assurance,
Safe in Your loving arms Iíll be.

I stand on Heavenís portal,
In Godís glory I have arrived,
Your strength led me onward,
Anchored in Jesus I survived.

Gayle Davis
September 6, 2004©


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Music "Lead Me To A Rock"

Performed by Adrian V. Miller (from Canada)
All songs copyright 1991, Ralph Merrifield
Permission Granted