~ An Hour With You~

Among Strangers

Snowy white casket,
Resting on a wooden frame,
Buried among strangers,
Not one family member came.

Four months into this life,
Death came along,
Taking life yet to live,
Heaven is now its home.

There were two broken wrists,
Broken ribs numbered five,
Damage to its little head,
Meant it could not survive.

Strangers came to say good bye,
Mourning for one they did not know,
Tears freely flowed this day,
As they gathered, respect to show.

An aged veteran, with teary eyes,
A young girl with an aching heart,
Many others braved the cold,
For the baby's last embark.

God's little innocent child,
Has now been laid to rest,
Such a short life it lived,
For parents failed the test.

Gayle Davisİ
December 24, 2004

Music: "Good-Bye"

Original Composition By: Yuko Ohigashi
Used With Permission