~ An Hour With You~

A Mother of “Grand” is who you are,
Bearing four children, with one afar,
Lois, James, Johnny, and Dick,
All blessings from the Lord that He did handpick.

You were chosen above all to be their Mother,
Loving and raising them like no other,
Families have grown all from your seed,
Giving a lifetime of love to those in need.

How blessed you are at the young age of 96,
To be able to experience love, laughter, and the grand mix,
My little Grandma with beautiful snow white hair,
Watching the birds in the window as you sit in your chair.

Your mind is just as sharp as a whip!
Lord be watchful of her feet and don’t let her slip,
Keep Grandma filled with joy and happy memories,
Let her remember the good times with all the stories.

Be excited and not bored,
For someday you will be with your Lord,
I love you Grandma with all of my heart,
I promise to visit more with today as the start.

*Dedicated to Grandma*
©Elizabeth E. McPherson
January 11, 2004


Copyright © 2004 Grammys Gallery
Jean Ilderton. All Rights Reserved

Music: "Memories"
Original Midi Files by T.J.Moir
Composed and Sequenced by: T.J. Moir
Used With Permission