~ An Hour With You~

Along Memory Lane

I took a trip,
Down memory lane,
Not much to see,
Clouds, sunshine and rain.

Yet in-between the showers,
Hiding inside the clouds,
Memories came chasing me,
Echoing voices thus loud.

Little kittens by the roadside,
Tossed out by unkind hands,
Rabbits racing across the fields,
Escaping harm by man.

Youthful children go running,
Toward their homes in playful glee,
Work in the field now over,
Ha- ha-ha, bet you can't catch me!

Cows impatient for milking,
Hogs oinking for their slop,
Firewood has to be gathered,
There's just no time to stop.

The curtains are fast coming down,
Shutting upon the memories view,
I wish I could once again live,
In such sweet simplicity anew.

Gayle Davis
February 1, 2004


Music: Funny How Time Slip's Away

Sequenced by: Jack Hall
Permission Granted