~ An Hour With You~

Across The Room

Sitting in your favorite chair,
I see you are just across the room,
My mind is playing tricks on me,
And filling my heart with gloom.

You cannot be here for you are deceased,
Departed this earth for a better home,
In Heavenís Glorious skies you reside,
Whilst Iím not permitted to follow along.

Yet the thought is nice to behold,
To think of you here in our home,
Back doing the things you loved to do,
Yet I know in my heart that you are gone.

Half-asleep it is easy to take in,
The image of you for I want to believe,
Yet the shadows across your chair,
Have failed me, to completely deceive.

The sun shining in through the window,
Casting shadows late in the waning day,
It seemed for just a short snippet of time,
You had returned to visit me in your spirited way.

Gayle Davis
July 22, 2002 ©




Music Playing: "To Where You Are"
Redsal's Midis
Sequenced by Sal Grippaldi
Music: Richard Marx
Lyrics: Linda Thompson