~ An Hour With You~

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A Touch Of Purity 

Itís a beautiful brisk evening light with snow,
Everywhere falling from heavenís door to glow,
Lingering, glistening as bright little stars,
A touch of purity from the Lord, itís ours.

Oh such joy to be happy to see fine things,
Lifts our spirits high to the sky, my heart sings,
Seeing precious miracles of God is good,
Just knowing He loves us as He said He would.

God's the only One who gives us purity,
Snowflakes exquisite just ring Divine beauty,
Loveliness as jewels of white splendor sent,
Godís blanketing earth in the cleanest white tent.

A brilliant radiance with flares of softness,
Featherlike falling yielding such preciousness,
Yet powerful arrays with consistency,
Designed by God, purity He made to see.

Warms our hearts to look upon this winter scene,
Brings smiles to faces this snow so white and clean,
Watching snow fall from the heavens is pure joy,
Thank God, itís as though He gave us a new toy.

©Sondra McPherson
December 28, 2002


Music: "Solitude"
Music by Margi Harrell
Used With Permission