~ An Hour With You~



Lord Jesus, I come before you,
Humbled and full of grief,
I am trying Lord to understand,
Yet I can't seem to find relief.

Am I asking too much Jesus,
To expect my aching heart to heal,
Am I moving out of the realm of love,
To want you, this hurting to still?

Jesus I look to you for all things,
You are the center of my soul,
Am I asking too much of you,
Are my wishes becoming too bold?

I need your help Sweet Father,
This time to help me understand,
I know Lord we are created,
That we are only of mortal man.

Yet Jesus that is why I call to You,
You surely hear me when I plead,
I am seeking answers Lord,
Oh God I am in very deep need.

Can you show me what to do,
To cast out hurt and love to keep,
I am searching beloved Jesus,
I am still one of Your sheep.

Am I moving in the right direction,
Do I need to stop and face another way,
Where do you want me Lord,
I will follow You all of my days.

Dear Lord I give to You my troubles,
I am laying them at Your feet.
I will trust You Sweet Lord Jesus,
You are with me, my sorrow I can meet.

Gayle Davis
November 19, 2004



Music; "Soul Purpose"
Words andMusic
By: Paul Gentry