~ An Hour With You~

A Rich Love's Music

A rich love's music, do you realize,
Your heart stirs love songs, melodies with eyes,
Love filled as bright glazing moonlight for you,
Shining with light's brilliance as stars birth new.

Exhilarating passion's high to climb,
Reaching the peak your heart pounds to the time,
Gliding slowly with deep breaths perfect key,
Composed in love's arms pulling close to be.

Eyes perform love songs with longing desire,
A rhapsody of love wells much higher,
Melodies so tuned more perfect than e'er,
Harmonious moments never sever.

Stirrings of a heart's love songs lead mildly,
Intoxicating harmony wildly,
Vibrating sounds burst forth in such grand blare,
A rich love's music for sweet songs so rare.

Sondra McPherson
June 2, 2002-2004




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  Music: Music Of My Heart

Sequenced By: Jack Hall