~An Hour With You~

A Prayer For Abe

Holding my peach faced love bird,
I shed so many hot tears........
Abe was quickly coming to his last,
My faithful pet, for many years.

I cried to God, and begged Him,
To have mercy on my little bird;
I really tried to keep my faith,
Feeling sure my prayer was heard.

I kept thinking of my time with Abe,
And his sweet playful ways;
How he'd sit on my shoulder with pride,
I'll remember him, all my days....

You see, God didn't grant my request,
To let my Abe stay now;
I guess in the end, He knew best,
Knowing Abe suffered..all the while.

Sometimes we don't want to let go,
Hanging on to what we hold dear;
Not realizing what's best for them,
And how much "they" can bear.

Abe did have an affliction,
Worsening...as time went by;
He became weaker, losing his zest,
Then came a time...he didn't even fly!

When abe looked up into my face,
And breathed his last breath;
I sorely cried my heart out,
Yet trying... To accept his death.

Thinking about it later,
I know that God heard my prayer;
Realizing he didn't see fit,
To let my Abe stay here.

He knew Abe was very tired,
And had come to his end;
God knew I'd have the memories,
Of my very special friend.

The lesson in this story,
I learned that very day...
Is to accept God's wisdom, on
His answer...for whatever it
Is.... We pray.

Judith Johnson Kypta
Copyright 2004


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Music: "The Wind Beneath My Wings~Bette Midler
Sequenced By: Deb Ackley
Used With Permission