~ An Hour With You~


"A Poetess’ Thoughts"

I tap the keys, as my eyes blink
And thoughts are filtering through
I tirelessly sit…. Creating poems
For you, to enjoy reading through

There is a way of expressing, that
Those words…can do so well
Rather it is a story of love….
Or a subject I know very well

The idea is to keep your attention
With words, to paint the scene’s
Understanding, as you read along
Exactly, what this poem means

I get my pleasure in writing….
Telling about, things I know
Placing them in "Poetic Form"
Causing each verse, to flow

To know you take the time to read
Words, that I’ve chosen to relate
Makes me one "Happy Poetess"
Glad that writing, is my fate!

Judith Johnson Kypta
Copyright ©


Music: "Solitude"

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Used With permission