~  An Hour With You ~

A Letter to Mama

Mama, I went to your grave today,
to lay some pretty flowers there,
but as I looked around upon the ground,
I couldn't see you anywhere.
Then I looked up high in the sky,
and I could see you everywhere.
Walking softly with our Savior,
on the streets He paved with gold . . .
Picking fruit from Heaven's tree,
Waiting for us to join the fold.
Our brother is there with you now
He left our hearts, so dull, with pain…
We wished him a farewell, to go somehow
Though our hearts can't be the same.
I know you’re strolling over Heaven with Dad
I think of you both often there
As, I can see you kneeling and so glad
The hush, of walking, with, Jesus, in Prayer
Oh, Glory, the glow that must be with you there
Wait for us sweet gentle Mother:
Keep us in your sweet Holy prayers . . .
Hence, one day; I know we'll come,
and then we'll be together there.

©Pearlie Duncan Walker January 6, 1996

Dedicated to Mama, Julie Mae (Mullins) Duncan B: 11/18/1907 D: 11/26/1995
And to Harold Duncan B: 11, 11, 1946...D: Dec 13, 1991 Miss you little

©Pearlie Duncan Walker




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