~ An Hour With You~

I look out in the morning sun,
See a tiny bird chirping away,
Full of spirit and a joyful heart,
He greets the dawning day.

Ever cheerful to be alive,
To sit and sing his song,
He is happy just to be,
Sitting and singing along.

Perched upon the flower pot,
He cheerfully sings his best,
Inviting perhaps the female,
To help him clean the nest.

Baby sits by and watches,
Learning to be a part,
Of the tiny little family,
That has a joyful heart.

Spread your wings little birdie,
Fly, fly all about today,
You need to strengthen the wings,
They will guide you along the way.

Sing loud and clear,
Let your song ring out,
A joyful heart will show,
In happy chirping no doubt.

Jesus keeps His eye on the birds,
Their song gives praise for His part,
Sweet little birdies of God,
With a singing, joyful heart.

Gayle Davis
October 25, 2004©



Java script courtesy of  Kurt Grigg.
The beautiful painting used to create this set is by Susan Bourdet©.
©Luvdalot Graphics & Design, 2003-2004

Music: "Fly Away"
Composed and Sequenced
By: Andy Klapwyk
Used With Permission