~An Hour With You~

A Garden's Vision

A garden envisions hues to brighten,
And sweeten itís lovely flowers,
As it thanks the Lord each day for luster,
God bestows beauteous showers.

Outbursts of vibrant colors do array,
So picturedís a gardenís vision,
Red, yellow, blue, and even white,
All portrayed by Godís decision.

Spoken forth comes the elegant purple,
Robed as majestic and royal,
So proud to meld in between the beauties,
God looks at this one as loyal.

Regal, truehearted and just as gentle,
Is white draped elite springing through,
Pure in heart and glowing for each other,
God sees His Sweet Sonís Love shine true.

A gardenís vision exists jubilant,
In the midst of Gloryís array,
Even now a tint of orange and of pink,
Honors Godís loveliest display.

Sondra McPherson
May 4, 2004©


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