~ An Hour With You~

A Final Tribute To My Dad

Even though we were miles apart
You were in my thoughts each day
I held you closely to my heart
And there is where you'll stay.

You were a special father
And, also my best friend
I know that you are with me
To the very end.

I couldn't ask for much more
God's blessed me with it all
Just knowing you are with me
Will help me to walk tall.

I thank God that he blessed me
With a father such as you
You're a very special person
And my love for you is true.

*Thank you Dad for all you did for me through the years.
You're warm and charismatic personality will be a part of
everyone who has ever been blessed enough to know you.
I will cherish and love you forever*
My love to you forever, Becky

©Rebecca Ann Rence
December 2004

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Music: "In The Garden"
Music by Margi Harrell
Used With Permission