~ An Hour With You~

A Better Place

Though death has surrounded me,
And from this earth, I am gone,
Do not morn and grieve for me,
I have a heavenly home.

No more pain to interfere,
With the daily task at hand,
No more suffering do I fear,
I am no longer of mortal man.

Christ gave me life at His choosing,
He recalled it when the time came,
My children you will continue,
Though my life will not be the same.

I sit to eat at Christís table,
Filled with nourishment aplenty,
Among the people I share with,
Family and friends number many.

Greatness is my reward,
For the Lord was my Mentor,
He chose to call me home,
A place of Heavenly splendor.

Live your life in Holiness,
Remember who watches over you,
In the end you will be rewarded,
Entering Godís Pearly Gates too.

Though the sight of me has vanished,
My love still reaches you on earth,
Live your lives in Christís shadow,
I will see you upon your rebirth.

Reach for the stars my darlings,
Strive to achieve your aspirations,
Let the Lord be your Advisor,
Live each day in Godís Salvation.

Gayle Davis
January 8, 2003 ©



Recreated with love
July 19, 2004

Music: "It Is Well With My Soul"
Redsal's Midis
(Written by: H.G. Spafford...Seq. & Arranged by Redsal)
Used With Permission